Immigration Fee Schedule


Sanctuary Law Immigration Service Fees

We aim to provide expert legal advice and exceptional customer service and our fees reflect the time and attention you need when dealing with complex and life-changing problems.

At the same time, wherever possible we control our costs and use technology efficiently to keep ensure fees are affordable and our services can be accessed.
Different service levels are offered to meet your needs. Full assistance and representation with applications to the Home Office.

We will take detailed information from you, assist you to complete the relevant application and prepare a detailed covering letter, will review and help you compile supporting evidence and will submit the application to the Home Office on your behalf. We will follow up the application until the decision is made and inform you of the outcome and any further action you may need to take.

Fees for the most common services are listed below – we offer other services so please contact us for a quote if you need other assistance.
Our Fixed Immigration Fees include all attendances and written and telephone communication with the client and relevant third parties; consideration, preparation and submission of application and relevant supporting documents, copies of documents and postage.

Home Office fees, expert reports, interpreters/translators fees and courier charges are not included. Additional costs will be notified at initial consultation (or as soon as possible if arising later) and should be paid direct wherever possible.

All fees are subject to additional VAT payable at 20% VAT REGISTRATION NUMBER: 322888972

You can make payment by visa / debit or bank transfer. We do not accept cheques. The cost of preparing and representation at an appeal will depend on the complexity of issues involved but a fixed fee quote can be provided for your individual circumstances.

If it seems likely you are eligible for Legal Aid we will let you know and may be able to suggest other providers – unfortunately this is not available through Sanctuary Law Ltd. Please refer to Home Office website for payable Home Office Fees: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/visa-regulations-revised-table/home-office-immigration-and-nationality-fees-2018

Advice Consultation
Sometimes answering your questions and helping you decide the route you need to take will be enough for you to take action yourself or put your mind at ease.

We offer an advice service and a consultation which can either telephone or Skype. We will provide follow up written advice which may be enough for you to take your own case forward.

There is a fixed fee of £100 + (£20 VAT) per half hour for this service and this amount will be deducted from the total fees if you decide you need further assistance and want us to open a file and progress with your case.

Application review – Document Checking Service
If you wish to complete your own application we can review the application and your supporting evidence. We will advise you whether there are any issues which may cause problems and make suggestions regarding further evidence you should submit. A fixed fee of £250 will apply.

The Sanctuary Law Immigration Team is led and supervised by Dhaya Kathiravan who is an experienced and specialist Immigration Solicitor having worked in the field for many years.

Sanctuary Law Fees:
Initial Consultation – £100

Administration fee – file withdrawal / closure
Minimum charge from £75 + cost of any work undertaken at the rate of £150 per hour.
Application Review / Checking Service from £250
File Review + Feedback / Consultation from £350
Entry Clearance – Spouse / Partner – Basic from £950
Entry Clearance – Spouse / Partner – Complex from £1000 – £1200
FLR (FP) Extensions Basic from £800
FLR (FP) Extensions Complex from £900
Further Leave to Remain – Partner / Parent / Private Life Applications – Basic from £950
Further Leave to Remain – Partner / Parent / Private Life Applications – Complex from £1000 – £1200
Spouse Visa Extension from£750
ILR – Tier 2 from £900
ILR – Asylum from £600
ILR – DL 6 Years from £750
ILR – Spouse from £900
ILR – Long Residence 10 Years Long Residence from £900
ILR – Domestic Violence from £900
ILR – Others from £900
Human Rights Applications / Entry Clearance & Further Leave to Remain:
Further Leave to Remain (Private Life) – 20 Years from £1000
Further Leave to Remain – Human Rights FLR(O) from £1200
Entry Clearance Appendix FM / Sole Responsibility from £1200
FLR(FP) Partner / Parent / Child / Article 8 / EX1 & EX2 Appendix FM / Sole Responsibility from £1000
Entry Clearance – Adult Dependent Relative from £1500
EEA Permanent Residence (up to 4 people) from £750 (+ £50 per person after 4 people)
EEA Residence Card (up to 4 people) from £600 (+ £50 per person after 4 people)
EEA Registration Certificate (up to 4 people) from £600 (+ £50 per person after 4 people)
EEA Family Permits from £750
EEA Retained Rights – Divorce / Separation / Deceased from £750
EEA Derivative Rights Residence Card – Child from £750
File Review + Feedback / Consultation from £350
TOC / NTL from £350
Travel Document from £350
Renew BRP from £350
Visitor Visa / short term study / business visa from £500 + £50 per additional person within application
Citizenship / Naturalisation / Child Registration from £500
Naturalisation / Registration British Overseas Territories from £500
Citizen Administrative Review / Nationality Review (NR) from £600
Asylum Application from £800
Fresh Claims / Submissions from £800
Family Reunion Application from £900
Asylum File Review from £350
FTT Appeals (Including Counsel) from £1600
FTT Lodge Appeal only from (forms part of £1600 fee) £350
UT Lodge Appeal from £350
UT Appeal (Including Counsel) from £850
JR Pre Action Protocol from £500
Judicial Review from £2000 (Please note that this fee does not include Counsel and other disbursement costs)
Subject Access Request from £250 + £10 Postal Order
One-off letter to Home Office – Chaser from £150
Attestation for Immigration Purposes from £20 per item

Deportation Fees:
Detention Centre Visit – Instructions, Client Consultation and Advice from £600 + Travel Costs
Lodge Initial Grounds of Appeal from £400
Bundle Preparation and pre tribunal consultation with client from £750
Tribunal Representation / Advocacy from £500 + Travel Total Fees = £2250 + Travel
Letter of Representation to CIO from £250
Bail Application from £600

Application Costs is variable as per Sanctuary Law fee schedule

Points Based System
Tier 1 Investor Visa – Entry Clearance – Initial Application from £2500
Tier 1 Investor Visa Extensions from £1500
Innovator Visa – Entry Clearance – Initial Appointment from £5000
Innovator Via Extension from £1500 first application + £500 per additional dependent application
Tier 2 + Tier 5 Visa – Entry Clearance from £1500
Tier 2 + Tier 5 Visa – Visa Extensions from £800
Home Office Sponsorship License Applications from £1500
Tier 2 consultation post Home Office Licence Award – guidance / consultation / hand holding until CoS Award from £800
Tier 4 Student Visa – Entry Clearance from £900
Tier 4 Student Visa – Extension from £600
Representative of an overseas business – Entry Clearance from £2500
Representative of an overseas business – Extension from £1500
Schengen Visa Applications from £350
Voluntary Assisted Return Applications from £750
Document Checking Service from £250
Expert Reports from – Normally do not require expert reports at the initial stage of application to Home Office – in the event of expert report being required at appeal stage, Sanctuary Law will provide fee options in advance.
File Retrieval from – £50